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Supplement those depleted nutrients

As always check with your health practitioner before taking any kind of supplement.

If you workout regularly, chances are your body is deficient in a nutrient or mineral without you even knowing it.

Exercising is a necessary part of maintaining vitality. Cardio and resistance training should be pretty routine if you have a clean bill of health from your doctor.

The issue with exercise lies with the subject of moderation. Just as you should practice eating mindfully, you should also exercise within your limits.

Just as irregular exercise can negatively affect health, so can overexercising. You can reverse the benefits of exercise very easily if you overdo it at the gym.

To create a positive exercise equilibrium, you must consume the nutrients you deplete while exercising. Sometimes this means using supplements in addition to consuming a well-balanced diet.

Generally, the most common nutrients your body lacks after working out for a long period of time are iron, zinc and amino acids (proteins).

Iron is an especially important mineral for women to pay attention to. When exercising, you consume more oxygen than at rest, and this puts more stress on your muscles and blood cells. If you’re prone to anemia or low iron levels, it’s best to supplement with some kind of iron. Recommended dosage: 8-18 miligrams once daily (higher for pregnant women).

Zinc is another mineral that’s often overlooked but can cause extreme fatigue and increased muscle soreness when lacking in the body. Zinc is important in males as it facilitates testosterone production. It’s also a huge part of cell division and responsible for keeping the body’s immune system strong. Recommended dosage: 9-15 miligrams once or twice daily

Amino acids are essential for proper muscle recovery. Supplements like BCAA’s or glutamine are popular options to decrease muscle soreness and promote faster recovery. These are usually taken before or after working out and, as always, used at your doctor’s discretion. For BCAA’s take between 2-5 grams before working out. Glutamine is best absorbed after working out. (14-30 grams per day)

A general rule of thumb regarding exercise: if you’re too sore to walk the next day, or even two days after working out, take those days as rest days. You must allow your body to heal in its own time under its own conditions.

In order to adequately harmonize exercise and nutrition, you must treat both with equal care. Exercise is often perceived as “more = better,” but that’s not always true. It falls along the same lines as not eating to lose or maintain weight loss. Any extreme, whether in diet or exercise, can damage your body and reverse the positive benefits these habits typically provide.

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