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Mix and match athletic wear into your everyday wardrobe

When it’s time to dress up, sometimes it’s hard to get out of those sporty clothes, and let’s face it, they’re comfortable – who would want to wear anything else? But when you really do need to step up your style, there’s no need to completely forgo your sporty roots. There are a few items that can transform that plain, old tee into a fabulous outfit staple with the help of the right skirt, coat or timeless accessory.

Classic Baseball Tee

To compliment the classic baseball tee, a green parka keeps the laid back vibe intact while black leggings or skinny jeans make for a more refined alternative to sweatpants. Keep the casual feel with converse sneakers or black combat boots, and when the weather turns chilly, swap the baseball cap for a cute knit beanie for the ultimate sporty weekend wear.

Baseball Tee

Standard Hoodie

Pair a plain hoodie with a jean vest – it gives it a little something extra that shows you put some thought into your outfit, and didn’t just reach for the nearest sweatshirt. Black pants and a black cap keep the basic hoodie down to earth, and a colorful stopwatch adds practicality and retains the sporty element.

Plain hoodie

Basic White Tee

A basic white tee can be sophisticated with a camel colored coat, blazer or tan trench, while the perfect pair of distressed jeans will compliment the casualness of the tee. A small structured purse of the same color as the jacket, with black heels or nude flats will add a refined finish to the overall ensemble. Perfect for occasions when you need to look a bit more put-together.

Basic white tee

Plain Gray Sweatshirt

The plain gray sweatshirt or t-shirt can take quite a glamorous turn. For evenings out, it’s totally acceptable to pair them with a pretty bubble skirt, and for this, the more outrageous the skirt, the better. Feathers, sequins, patterns, glitter – anything with a lot going on at the bottom is manageable with a plain top. Heels matching the color of the skirt work best for dressy occasions, but depending on the event, you can even get away with an ultra-cool pair of Converse. Accessorizing with gold necklaces and earrings brings some much needed glitz up top.

Gray sweatshirt

Perfect Black Tank

The black tank could be worn many ways, but for a laid back option, a long, colorful maxi skirt and chambray make an easygoing weekend look. A cross-body bag, fedora and colorful bangles are the right way to accessorize a casual outfit.

Black Tank Top

Favorite Graphic Tee

Have a favorite graphic tee or a commemorative shirt from your last race? No matter what logo, a basic tee can have an elegant twist with a cool black skirt and leather jacket. Gold accents on the skirt and jewelry bring serious glam to a simple t-shirt. Wearing gold vintage high tops just completes the “sporty-fabulous” vibe by bringing a little balance to the flashy accessories and skirt.

Athletic Tee

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