Being an environmentally-conscious consumer is more than just turning off the water while you brush your teeth; it’s about being aware of the products and services you buy, making sure that the brands you use are good stewards of Mother Earth.

It’s not always easy to know which brands are making environmentally-friendly products, but that’s why we’re here!

Check out 10 products whose brands have taken steps to be more green and earth-safe.


nana bra

Miel Sisters NANA Bra

All of the Miel Sisters intimate products include size bands made from recycled paper and plant-based Guardin antimicrobial protection.

The NANA bra offer the perfect wicking comfort for a day at the office or a low-impact workout at the gym.

Price: $30

Brook There Organic Skirts

Made to order in Portland, Maine, the Brook There Organic Mini Skirts (made from organic cotton) are perfect for throwing on over a pair of leggings after the gym.

Price: $32

SOYBU Women’s Lotus Capri

All SOYBU products, sold exclusively at Sports Authority, are made primarily from recycled polyester and are designed with yoga in mind. We especially love the fit of the Lotus Capri, as the seams curve up and around the seat, really highlighting a nice derriere.

Price: $49

Breeze Comfort Lotus Bra

When you need something more supportive, the Breeze Comfort Lotus Bra offers comfort and style. With the patented Ventipad technology to enhance breathability, you’ll stay dry throughout your workout.

Plus, the interior of the bra is lined with renewable organic bamboo charcoal for its anti-bacterial and anti-odor benefits.

Price: $45


Fila Golf Vienna Sport Shirt

Made from 91-percent recycled polyester (which is made from recycled soda bottles), the Fila Golf Vienna Sport Shirt is environmentally friendly and designed for performance.

Offering a super-soft, wicking feel, you’ll be able to walk 18 holes or run five miles, all while feeling great.

Just note that the sizing is European, so if you’re broad-shouldered or tall, you may want to size up one size.

Price: $40

Ibex Woolies150 Racerback

This is not your mama’s wool! The 18.5 superfine micron Merino wool is naturally moisture-wicking and odor resistant while also coming from an earth-friendly and renewable resource: sheep’s wool!

We love how lightweight and non-itchy the shirts feel. Trust us, they’re perfect for summer activities or for layering under heavier clothing when the weather starts to turn.

Price: $60

Atayne Bio-Fueled Runner REC T

This Atayne t-shirt is one of only two products on our list that are made from 100% recycled polyester. For that reason alone, it gets two thumbs up!

But, more than that, we’re also loving the message offered on Atayne’s graphic tees.

With phrases like “Bio-Fueled Runner,” “Ride Hard, Tread Lightly,” and “Re-Cycler,” there will be no question about your environmental ethics when you proudly wear one of their performance shirts.

Price: $25


Greenlines Board Shorts

Greenlines boardshorts are the only other product on our list made from 100% recycled polyester.

When you slide on a pair of Greenlines, you’ll feel good knowing you’re supporting the environment while splashing at the beach.

Choose from a variety of colors and styles.

Price: $50


If you could only carry one product around with you, SkinFare should be it! The base of the product is made from coconut oil, castor oil, beeswax and palm fruit oil.

Organic essential oils are added to the base to offer a skin-soothing remedy. But, if you think SkinFare is just for your skin, you’re wrong!

You can also use your tube as lube for your bike chain, an anti-chafe glide around your sports bra or even as bug repellant (but only if you buy the Thunder Cake formula… it has clove oil which helps keep bugs at bay).

Price: $10

Eco Logical Sunscreen

Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, Eco Logical Sunscreen is just that: eco-friendly and a logical choice.

Made from all-natural products featuring natural UV-protection, this lightweight formula is perfect for your face and body.

Price: $14 and up from various online retailers