Get active and romantic

There’s no reason every date night has to start with dinner and end with a movie. Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly have a more active sex life, and working out can actually prime you for a little under cover action.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we decided to round up a few cool date ideas (and some killer getaways) for active, adventurous couples.

Great dates for any occasion

There’s no better date idea resource than active women themselves! Before searching out a few exotic options, we turned to our ambassadors to get their input on the perfect active date.

Krista Stryker, 12 Minute Athlete

“My favorite date night activity ever is going to an arcade. I love video games, but I hate the idea of spending hours on a couch with my eyes glued to the TV.

At an arcade, I’m constantly running around, getting competitive with the games and making sure to get in a few (or more!) rounds of Dance Dance Revolution. By the end of the night, I’m a little sweaty, tired, but happy!”

Caitlin Heisel, Chasing Chels

“An active date activity that my boyfriend and I enjoy actually happens in the morning! We like to get up, go for a run and then come back and make breakfast together. Sometimes waffles, sometimes eggs, sometimes a frittata, sometimes pancakes, sometimes a little mix of everything!”

Michelle, Push.Pump.Progress

“Go rock climbing!”

Valentine’s Day date activities

Get limber together

It may take a little convincing to get your favorite guy into a couples yoga class with you, but after you give him a preview of some of the bendier moves, he’ll be ready to grab a mat and get limber!

Don’t assume this activity is just about getting warmed up for later in the night, though. Partner moves will help engender trust and support, plus you’ll have the fun of laughing through the hard parts.

If your guy still balks at the idea of taking a yoga class, try getting him interested in the less-known (but more masculine sounding) Makko-Ho.

Often referred to as Japanese Yoga, Makko-Ho involves four essential stretches that target specific body organs.

It’s tough to find a class because there aren’t many certified instructors in the US, but Tomo Ko Horikawa will be offering a special Valentine’s Day couples’ package at Healing Foundations in Chicago in February.

Enjoy a fun run

Whether you’re attached or single on Valentine’s Day, Cupid’s Chase is the perfect opportunity to work up a sweat while catching a little Valentine’s Day heat. Singles wear “Available” t-shirts and individuals in a relationship wear “Unavailable.”

With races all over the country, and lots of fun festivities to follow, you’ll want to start celebrating the love holiday a little early this year on Saturday, February 9th.

Cupid’s Chase isn’t the only fun run worth checking out. If you’re a little more adventurous (or downright crazy), Cupid’s Undie Run might be more your speed.

Also being held on February 9th this year, participants will brave the cold by stripping down to their skivvies and sprinting the mile-long distance. This year’s goal is to raise more than a million dollars for Neurofibromatosis (NF) research. A worthy goal, for sure, so here’s our advice:

Be sure to pair up before stripping down — sharing body heat is a great way to stay warm.

Active Valentine’s Day getaways

Clearwater, Florida’s Caladesi Island State Park

If you want to find warmth this time of year, you have to go south. Clearwater, Florida’s Caladesi Island State Park offers warmth, beauty and affordable outdoor activities.

And, because it’s one of the last remaining untouched natural islands in Florida, its three miles of white sandy beaches are primed and ready for a few romantic evening strolls.

Don’t let your outdoor fun stop there, though! Rent a kayak and take a tour through the mangroves, spend an afternoon bird watching or hit up the more populated Clearwater watersport shops and sign up to go parasailing, snorkeling or jet skiing.

Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa

For adventure seekers on the west coast, you may want to head to Sin City for your Valentine’s Day fun. The Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa is a lakeside paradise stretching across 3600 acres in Henderson, Nevada.

In addition to “soft adventure sports” like rock climbing, kayaking and white water rafting, you and your date can sign up for a stand up paddle class at Paddle to the Core.

After you’ve worked up a sweat and lounged by the lake, enjoy a couples massage at the resort’s Spa Moulay.

Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort

You don’t have to travel south for a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway. Staying in cooler climates may actually motivate a little extra cuddling, especially after spending the day on the snow-covered Adirondack Mountains!

The Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort located in the winter sports capital of the world, Lake Placid, New York, offers access to everything from skiing and snowshoeing to ice climbing and skijoring.

If you stay at the Golden Arrow on February 14, 15 and 16, you’ll receive the Resort’s Romance Package including a bottle of wine, commemorative wine glasses, a wine tasting for two, a complimentary dogsled ride on frozen Mirror Lake and more.

Black Sheep Adventures Luxury Bicycle Trip

To ratchet up the heat on your relationship, you might want to take a four day bicycling tour in Sonoma, California.

You know wine country is beautiful, so when you spend your days pedaling along 20 miles of scenic roadway, stopping at wineries and fantastic restaurants, spending each night at an amazing hotel, by the time Valentine’s Day arrives, you and your loved one won’t have any trouble massaging away muscle soreness and seeing where the night takes you.

Header image credit: Official photo from Cupid’s Undie Run